Will the keyboard dock and iPad dock fit the iPad 2?

I almost bought the original ipad keyboard MC533LL/A but did some research and found out it doesn’t really work for the ipad 2. It does, but you could risk damaging your ipad.

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 Will the keyboard dock and iPad dock fit the iPad 2?

It’s dimensions are thinner, but will these docks be compatible with it?

Keyboard compatibility to the iPad 2

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    The other answer is no longer valid. I have an iPad 2 plugged into a Keyboard Dock – it’s charging, and all of the keyboard functions work fine – typing, arrow keys, the iOS-specific keys, all fine.

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  • I called Apple to ask, since I wanted one for my ipad2. They said it “can” fit but does not recommend it because of the differences in the two ipads. They said that dock and port are not completely aligned correctly so by using it, you could bend or break the pins in your ipad2. The dock will work though but at your own risk. Apple suggested that I get the wireless keyboard instead. I asked if they were making the keyboard dock for the ipad2. They said not at this time.

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  • I have the keyboard dock and dock and both work fine.

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  • I have mine plugged in right now. While it is able to charge, the iPad says that the device is not supported, and it won’t recognize any of my keystrokes. Hopefully, Apple will remedy that.

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  • Thanks guys, I also have an IPad 2 and have hesitated to buy a keyboard dock. Sounds like it’s worth investing into, and it will work. I have not heard any word of Apple producing any new accessories for the second generation yet. You’ve been helpful, thank you.

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iPhone 4S Siri Real World use Creating Reminders

The iphone 4S is a magnficiant phone. it’s just a better iphone 4.


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Upad sucks as a typing pad, it has a horrible glitch

When you’re typing on it with the text boxes it makes duplicate text boxes almost like a shadow. It is the best and fastest with the stylus for “writing” but not very good for typing because of this glitch.

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When I first got Notes Plus I was ranting and raving about it. After further use, it’s performance disappointed me. Slow and laggy. It probably runs great on an iPad 2, but I have an iPad 1.

I have migrated to UPad for my client files. It simply provides the best writing experience. Very fast and responsive. Text input is quick and easy. It has less features than most, but runs the best.

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Subscription based music: Rhapsody vs MOG Review Part 2

Just a short post here on subscription based music.

I will admit to being a audiophile who loves high quality music with high end audio equipment. I will also admit to being a bit lazy when it comes to making my own playlists. I hate it. That’s what turned me on to Rhapsody. A large community of users who share their playlists. MOG seems to have a smaller user base and less playlists. Again I will say in combination of having Rhapsody of MOG I get best of both worlds, however Rhapsody just has a much more evolved experience.

Remember that I use an iPhone to access and play my music, mainly for working out and commuting. One reason why I’ve stuck with Apple, ipods and and their iphone 4 is iTunes. I love itunes and how it organizes music. Rhapsody is able to simulate that the best. MOG fails at this. Crappy interface. Please MOG change your interface!

MOG just has 320kbps playback which can’t be beat. I need high quality music. However, since I’m finding myself too lazy to make my own playlist I’m getting the feeling that I’m not getting the value from MOG. Another annoying things with MOG is that if you login to your iphone you get kicked off your computer. It’s annoying.

It seems like I’m just beating the crap out of MOG, but right now it’s got 320kbps going for it.

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Ipad battery life and normal use

I went to work and unplugged my ipad at about 5:00am and my son was watching you tube right before I shut off. I used it pretty heavily today. It shut off at 11:33pm. That’s about 18 hours of “normal” use. Pretty good.

I can’t wait to get the ipad 2.

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For my Shure SE535 must have add-on for iPhone 4

I finally found the cable that allows for a mic! $50 bucks for the dang thing, but I’m ordering on Friday 🙂

Here they are Shure CBL-M+-K Music Phone Accessory Cable for Shure SE315, SE425, SE535 Headphones (Black)

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